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Nov 21:

  • New vendor added! Bermor Techzone

Nov 18:

  • View Build UI improvements
  • Made the white part section of PC build card clickable
  • Added "Assist Build" on the Homepage
  • Header's dropdown menu UI improvements(mobile)

Nov 4:

  • Favorite Build functionality has been added! You can now mark any of the build as your favorite by clicking the Star icon or the Button
  • You can see the list of your favorite builds on your My Profile

Nov 3:

  • Added skeleton loading for profile page
  • Improved the header's dropdown on mobile view

Nov 1:

  • Updates SEO image

Oct 29:

  • Redesign login modal
  • Shows an error if the same email address is already in use from a different service(google/facebook)

Oct 28:

  • New Design on the Homepage and Profile of users has been implemented!
  • Fixed the Login with Facebook functionality, you cannot login with facebook if you already login using google (If only you are using the same email)
  • Added Privacy Policy page

Oct 25:

  • Latest builds won't be removed when you move to another page and go back again to homepage

Oct 19:

  • Autoresizes the list of components on build pc page to occupy the whole height. There's a whole whitespace on the bottom if using large resolution
  • Add the vendor badge information when you selected a component

Oct 18:

  • Add userbuilds functionality. Now users can go to the profile of other users to see their build by clicking their name
  • Add notification small red circle on the hamburger menu when users have unread notifications.

Oct 17:

  • Add ability to manually follow the PC Builds comments without commenting to the build to get notifications on it.
  • Users can now unfollow PC Builds comments to stop getting notifications

Oct 10:

  • The bug on adding a headset on the PC Build has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks to the one who reported it.

Oct 9:

  • Headset category has been added!

Oct 7:

  • Notification system has been added! You can now get notified on any comments you get on your PC build
  • If you comment on another persons PC build, you'll also get a notification when someone commented on that PC build

Oct 3:

  • Changelog page has been created. So users know whats the latest features/updates/fixes has been made.
  • Comments on Builds has been added. Currently working is adding a comment to a build, edit/delete will be on next release.
  • Show total number of comments on Latest build on homepage

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